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Our essences are subtle liquid extracts made from trees. The original discovery of flower essences was made by Edward Bach, MD in the late 1920’s. He was influenced by the work of a homeopathic physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. While he recognized the role of the germ theory of disease, defective organs, and/or tissue, and
other known and demonstrable sources of disease, Dr. Bach wondered how exposure to a pathogen could make one person sick, while another was unaffected, when to all appearances in analysis they were in equal states of health. He postulated that illness was the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the
personality’s actions and outlooks. Tree Essences affect the energy of the soul.

We discovered the essences by using trees, pure water, the sun, and alcohol (so no bacteria would grow) the same way Dr. Bach did. We then used our tree essence tinctures and Double Helix water instead of alcohol for our ready to use dosage bottles.

This line of essences may be helpful to understand how many times emotions rule our health.

1oz bottles

Image by Nick Grappone


This person may feel constant hunger, upset, nauseous, unable to let go of past events, over analyzes, unable to let go of negative feelings, unable to decide which way to go in life, vindictive, doesn’t know how to fix a problem or situation.

Image by Daniel Squibb


This person may feel weepy, claustrophobic, longwinded, exhausted, nurtures too much, frequently needs reassurance, or wor-ries constantly about events.

Image by Liubov Ilchuk


This person may feel weakness, sus-ceptible, stagnate, blocked energy, repressed, numb, unable to say no, sacrifices own needs, weak personal boundaries, or feels drained.

Image by Henry Be


 This person may feel thoughts are chaotic, fatigue, loss of joy in life, feels as though no one is listening or un-able to speak their truth, winter blues, jealousy, out of sync, or repeated pattern and memories.

Image by John Price


This person may feel humiliated, embarrassed, overpowered, disillusioned, bullied, easily peeved, or may feel victimized.

Image by Casey Horner


This person may feel frag-ile, carrying weight of the world, lack of faith, life is falling apart, fear of persecution, holds on tight, speaks in whisper, gives power away, compares self to others, and easily overpowered.

Image by Daiga Ellaby


This person may feel distraught,  excitable, unable to relax, fidgety, breathless, sleeplessness, overactive thought, wound up or rebellious

Image by Chinh Le Duc


This person may unable to relax and flow, loss, brokenhearted, selfish, stubborn, shuts down emotionally, needs possessions, or unable to move on and let go.

Image by Janine Joles


This person may feel inferior, unattractive, over sensitive, having a hard time making changes, self-sabatoge, fear of success, or have a need for outward perfection.

This line of essences may be helpful for those everyday emotional experiences and life’s challenges.

1 oz bottles

Image by Dawid Zawiła


This person may have emotional eating patterns, cover up feelings, resist exercise, critical of self and others, avoids company, highly emotional.

Image by Dino Reichmuth


 This person may feel spacey, unfocused, not quite oneself, distracted, overcharged by mental activities, daydreaming, over-worked, or very tired.

Image by Markus Spiske


This person may worry about others, wants to reinvent oneself, feels lost when life takes on abrupt changes, loses interest in what matters, questions everything, moods vary, wants to change others or looks for answers outside oneself.

Image by Sander Dewerte


This person may have fear, negative talk, paranoia, panic attacks, feels persecuted, feels judged, anticipates the worst, creates stories, or unconscious actions.

Image by Will Wright


This person may feel frantic, anxious, stressed about events, things are out of con-trol, doesn’t trust gut feeling, freezes up and unable to act, narrow or tunnel vision, or small things are upset-ting.

Image by Kurt Cotoaga


This person may feel abandoned, feels as though death is approaching, unable to trust, sadness for no particular reason, un-able to be playful, needs to be strict, or feels a great loss.

Image by Tyler Domingue


 This person may take on negativity, feels heavy, drained, starts to lose self-identity, susceptible to outside forces and influences, susceptible to illness, or loses sense of personal boundaries.

Image by Saffu


This person may feel deep sadness, sense of loss, feels unwanted, unworthy, tearful, defensive, dependency on others for emo-tional nourishment, or manifests relationships that are hurtful.

Image by niko photos


This person may feel inadequate, low self esteem & unworthy, depressed, feels a need to escape, resists help, feels like a victim, wants to end it all when faced with adversity.

This line of essences may be helpful for those spiri-tual experiences which seem challenging to process.

1oz bottles

Image by Sean O.


This person may feel tired, doesn’t feel like oneself. May have unexplained illness, emotions or may be depressed for no apparent reason.

Image by Caleb Minear


This person may feel as though they don’t know who they are, why they exist, lonely in a crowd and feel empty inside as though something Is missing.

Image by Boris  Smokrovic


CHANGE:  This person may feel powerless in changing their lives, events or people. They may want those around them to change but know change comes from within, but does not know how to process the change.

Image by Annie Spratt


This person may go from one emo-tion to another, feels controlled or out of control, unexplained dreams/nightmares, does things they would not normally do.

Image by O12


This person may feel lost due to unresolved emotions, they are not able to look inside and see what gifts they have, unable to perceive, trust and believe what they know.

Image by M L


This person may feel as though their soul has a purpose but is unable to connect or find that purpose. They may have passions for many things but are unable to find the passion just for them.

Image by Javardh


This person may feel alone. They may feel like no one cares, no one under-stands them, no one knows what they are feeling and they need help but don’t know where to find it.

Image by Alex Meier


This person may see life as hard, unable to achieve, unaware of their passions, not able to see the forest for the trees, blocked emo-tions, clouded thinking, unable to create.

Image by Jason Leung


This person may feel and think they have it all together but are still not happy. They feel incomplete as though something is missing in their life.

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