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A story of health

Soap Maker at Her Shop

Alicia Rocco, N.D.

founder of Natural Options

My name is Alicia Rocco, and I am a naturopathic doctor. Early in my life, I had a serious illness, which led me in the search for herbs to heal myself. I have spent over 45 years learning and teaching all I know about these wonderful herbs and essences to help bring healing to those in need. I call using herbs and essences using “nature’s pharmacy”. My Grandmother taught me that there was more to healing than simply taking an herb or an essence. She taught that “dis-ease” in a person begins in the spirit and creates itself by the “energy-in-motion”. With this knowledge I also searched for years as to what to use for the “energy-in-motion” which led me to the tree essences. Knowing that we are fields of energy, I needed to know what we could use to change energy-in-motion to create our wellbeing.

When I discovered Helix Water I felt the need to add it to our line as the foundation of our products. Researches have shown that stable water clusters in Double Helix Water actives the immune response and can normalize the cell membrane which in turn promotes proper cell function. This helps unhealthy cells become healthy cells. Therefore using it alone in our Tree Essence line of product promotes cell health and healing.

As I began to develop these formulas, I realized many of the Native (Western) herbs and Rainforest herbs had multiple properties. Because they nourish multiple systems of the body, I found using the Rainforest herbs worked well in the extracts I created because they are treating the “whole” body, not just a part. With the addition of the Tree Essences, these formulas support the “energy-in-motion”. Adding the Helix Water for cell health, help these formulas work synergistically.


Our line of Herbal Support Extracts, Tree Essences. and Helix Water can support the “whole” body as well as the emotions involved. With Natural Options line of products, my goal is to continue the process of helping people help themselves in the healing of their physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Heal-Thy- Self


Alicia Rocco, ND

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